This is Brittany! I am a curious, question filled, chocolate loving, adventurer. I make my home near Pittsburgh, but take every opportunity and vacation day I can in order to see the world! I married the love of my life, Garrett, in 2014 in the Dominican Republic (suiting for our travel love!) and we’ve been diving face first into this life together ever since. Garrett is incredible at a lot of things, one of them being his ability to capture of a lot of pictures featured in this blog. When he’s not behind the camera, I am.


I fully get behind any meal where food IS the ingredients. I love fitness classes – I even sometimes plan my hotel stays during work trips so that I am nearest to the best fitness classes. I do not however, feel the need to post a play by play of each and every workout I do on social media. I am a firm believer of the Kon Mari method of keeping all things that bring me pure joy, and I have an unhealthy obsession with dried figs.

I work in IT as my main point of career focus. Luckily for me, my job involves a lot of travel. In my “other” time, I am a fully backed Independent Travel Advisor. So, I am capable of booking your next vacation! I like to say that I assist in soul filling. From big extravagant well known resorts to unheard of bungalows – Let me know how I can help fill your soul at a better price than you’ll find yourself. I only work with whom I know (friends/family), or referrals from past clients. Please fill out my form if you are interested in a quote.

My posts will discuss my adventures, facts I learned through expert tour guides, info from reading extensively and researching various locations prior to traveling, and my personal thoughts and opinions free of charge ;). My posts are in no means chronological of my travels, nor or they meant to be. Follow along as I forge ahead on a path of charted and uncharted territories in aim to stay the path of pure joy.