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Palma De Mallorca – Superb Flamenco in this Island City

While Mike Posner “Took a Pill in Ibiza,” we hit up the sister island of Mallorca (owned by Spain), and took a trip to the Son Amar Theater to see what this Spanish Flamenco business was all about. While most people think of Flamenco as a dance, Flamenco encompasses three aspects – the dance, song, and guitar. This was a private event, and not the performance you will find if you Google search ‘Son Amar.’ While the Son Amar does host a large production show that also gets rave reviews, what we attended was a much smaller, intimate experience. Long story short, we revelled in the most breathtaking performance of real (Arabic/Gypsy-inspired) Flamenco.  I believe that it’s completely safe to say that neither of the 4 of us in attended will ever forget this experience. If someone told me there was a “better” Flamenco show, I’m 99.9% sure that I would not believe them. **Since first writing this, I have attended a Flamenco performance in the original birthplace of this Spanish art in the town of Seville. Son Amar in Mallorca still takes “the cake”..all of it. 

Flamenco originates from the heart of the Andalusia region (Southern area) of Spain (i.e. the town of Seville). There are plenty of performances offered throughout the country, but it’s best to find something authentic. The Son Amar is geared towards people obviously paying to see a show that has been rehearsed and well executed umpteen times. Another good viable choice to chance seeing real Flamenco would be hanging out at a bar in the Andalusia region somewhere and seeing locals just bust it out organically.

The Son Amar Theater is located about 20 minutes from the capital city of this island, Palma Mallorca. When we arrived, we were greeted by a Spanish gentleman on his white Spanish horse. Ok then. Nothing but good vibes and good views here. This has “perfect wedding venue” written all over it, in my opinion..


A live guitar player, two couples, and a man who could make slapping a wooden box drum (cajun drum) look and sound like he was the coolest musician to ever exist, put on a spectacular show. Just when we thought the show couldn’t get any better, the Cajun drum player, who also looked like Antonio Banderas, tore up the dance floor making music with only the stomping of his feet during a solo act. He turned out to be the star act of the show with his dance skills. I have sat through many dance performances in my lifetime and this was one for the books. We had an absolute blast sitting around the cocktail table with our Spanish wine and of course Tapas. These people deserve some kind of award for their passion of their culture, and not to mention their skills as musicians and dancers.

Here is a clip of just one small part of our experience:

[wpvideo BWUiTYAd]

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

-Hunter S Thompson

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