Who’s Brittany?


This is Brittany! I am a curious, question filled (loaded like a semi-automatic nerf gun), chocolate loving, adventurer. I make my home near Pittsburgh but take every opportunity and vacation MINUTE that I can in order to see the world. I married Garrett in the Dominican Republic after getting engaged in Paris two years prior to that (*come on* you knew that was coming) and we’ve been diving face first into this life together ever since – now traveling as a family of three.


When people ask the question, “what do you do for fun?” I travel. I plan travel. I read about travel. When people are planning their next trip, I am planning my 5thnext trip. And not because I’m trying to keep up with the Jones or Rick Steve’s. Wanderlust is a REAL THING people. The money and time we spend on stuff that drives our essential self in the direction NORTH is a unique individual choice – and thankfully so. Having 328 Safari tabs open at once researching 328 places is my version of Tinder. YOU deserve a vacation. 

I am a fully backed Independent Travel Advisor. Most people do not realize that when you book direct with a website online you are still paying commission (included in the total package price) *exceptttttttt* the commission goes to (Orbitz staff, Kayak staff, etc.) instead of to a Travel Advisor that you know or trust .. *a’hem* (me).

My posts will discuss my adventures, facts I learned through expert tour guides, info from reading extensively and researching various locations prior to traveling, and my personal thoughts and opinions free of charge ;). My posts are in no means chronological of my travels, nor or they meant to be. Follow along as I forge ahead on a path of charted and uncharted territories in aim to stay the path of pure JOY (*nods head to Mari Kondo*).

Let’s get you on your way!