“As a Travel Agent, Do You Get Better Pricing For Your Own Trips?” (and Other Related Questions)

First and foremost, I have decided that I will be working as a Travel Advisor rather than a Travel Agent. When you run your own show, the beauty is that you can call yourself whatever you want. I know, you are wondering:

What could possibly be the difference?

Travel Agents are envisioned by some people to be someone who uses a single back end booking system to put together an itinerary for a client based on which supplier can offer the Travel Agent the most money in commission. Perhaps you also envision them hunched over at a desk, soaking in the great radioactive glare from their early 2000’s CRT monitor. Maybe this is how you see it too. There is probably some truth in that, but it certainly isn’t always the case. Travel Agents are usually well versed in how to get you where you want to go and find you a better price than you see on websites. Most use a booking software system which is integrated into all suppliers. Or, some go straight to the supplier’s Travel Agent site to research prices and options and then book.

Travel Advisors are still Travel Agents, but focus on the unique individual client even more and sometimes spend more time ironing out all of intricacies of travel such as customized tours and transfers to/from the airport (which can easily be overlooked). Besides, it’s no secret that I’ve been to a lot of places and am very passionate about exploring the world. There is a lot of logistics that go into planning unique adventures, including my own. Both Travel Agents/Advisors keep your budget in mind, always. I have thought long and hard and I definitely use my expertise to add value to your trip. I am a Travel Advisor.

Why should you use a Travel Agent/Travel Advisor?

Despite the greatness that is The Internet, Travel Agents/Advisors have “back door” access to sites that ordinary consumers do not. This ensures the best prices. The end result? The trip is completely customized and tailored to YOU.

Commission is always built into the published price that any consumer sees online. When you do all of the work yourself online, the company (and not your Travel Advisor) pockets the commission. With a Travel Agent/Advisor, you won’t have to spend hours researching or sitting on hold. The experience of a Travel Agent/Advisor knows what questions to ask and where to find the answers.

What kind of planning can a Travel Agent/Travel Advisor assist you with?

Just a sample of what an I as an Agent/Advisor can assist you with:

  • Walt Disney World Vacation Packages
  • Cruises
  • Domestic Itineraries (flight/hotel/rental car/tours)
  • International Itineraries (flight/hotel/transfers/tours)
  • All Inclusive Resort Vacations

Travel Agents/Advisors can price match vacations that you find online. 

How often do you book something and check back to see if the price has dropped? Travel Agents/Advisors babysit your vacation for you and stay on the look out for these scenarios.

So, do you get better pricing as a Travel Agent/Advisor?

If I had a dime for every time that I was asked this question, I would be able to fully fund every trip that I take. The answer to this question is simple – I get the same perks and pricing that I would get for you. If I were to book the same European Cruise for you and myself, we would be paying the same price. The difference is that I would make the commission on the trip afterwards, since I did all of the legwork and booking.

My personal mission (insert “hand up” emoji here):  I am an Independent Travel Advisor offering professional services for every step of the travel journey. I focus on what would make the best trip, for each individual client, every time. All research is tailored to specific travel needs, wants, and interests. Domestic or International, I encourage and support travel to destinations that offer life changing experiences.

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